QBittorrent Download Free For Windows, Mac & Linux OS

QBittorrent Download Free For Windows, Mac & Linux OS

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qBITTORRENT Download Free REVIEW 2019:

qBittorrent is a free and open source standalone torrent downloader software. It is a lightweight BitTorrent client it has most of the features which a BitTorrent user might need. qBittorrent is available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The only thing which changes slightly in these operating systems is the user interface only.

Features of Open-source BitTorrent client - 2019 qBittorrent Software:

qb torrent is a lightweight software in the sense that it does not need big installation space. Though there is a small difference in their sizes depending on the different operating systems.

qBittorrent for Microsoft Windows : A 64-bit windows qBitTorrent download file weighs 21. 98MB. When installed it occupies a space of 133MB. Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 & Older Windows versions like XP and Vista OS Available in 32-bit & 64-bit Editions.

qBittorrent for Mac : You Can Download & Install On the Mac operating system, it weighs 18.58MB while on Linux it weighs 7.1MB.

VPN interface binding:

This feature enables one to download only torrents within your VPN hence protecting your PC.

Search engine for searching torrents:

qBittorrent comes with plugins for more than 30 torrent site where you directly search for torrents.

Comes with a lot of BitTorrent extensions:

Magnetic links, PEX, and DHT are available replacing the old torrent trackers.

Torrent queueing and prioritization feature:

Q Bittorrent allows your torrents to be queued and also be given priorities.

Bandwidth scheduling:

qBit Torrent enables you to set both upload and download bandwidth limit for your downloads. Always different from the ISPs provider.

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Qbittorrent Free Download in Latest Versions:

To download qBittorrent free - visit www.qbittorrent.org

In the download menu; Which offers you free download you select your operating system choice.

For windows the software is portable. Once downloaded windows installer can be used for later installation.

qbittorrent for Linux free Download: On Linux, the installation is done online.

With these outstanding features for qbittorrent 2019 software, I can suggest that you get yourself a copy and you will enjoy all these features while downloading your torrent securely.

qBittorrent Download free Now!