Norton Security Deluxe 2018 Free Download

Norton Security Deluxe 2018 Free Download

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Norton Security Deluxe 2018: Symantec is one of the biggest cyber-security companies in the world is mostly recognized for their most successful product subsidiary, Norton. The Norton Symantec Antivirus, being one of the best Antivirus software for PC, shouldn’t need much of an introduction to our tech-savvy readers. With the advent of a whole new year, Symantec has released their latest version of the Norton Security 2018 products. But, our main emphasis is on the most promising Norton Security Deluxe 2018.

Since Cyber-Security Products has taken an important turn in the recent years, dedicating resources to providing complete security and not just limiting themselves to prevent malicious programs, the result has been an evolution of Antivirus, Anti-Rootkit, and Anti-Phishing Programs into an integrated Security Suite. Though the programs are also still available as a standalone product, the Security Suites does a better job and offers the best overall protection over a wide range of platforms.

The latest Norton Security Deluxe 2018 is one of the best Security Suites so far with updated versions of all the standard threat databases, algorithms and tons of new features supporting Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices with a single subscription!

Norton Security Deluxe 2018 New Features and Benefits:

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  • Protect all your devices:

If you own more than one device, you’d know the cost and hassle of protecting each and every device individually. One of the best features of Norton Security Deluxe is it offers protection across most platforms. Be it a PC or a Smartphone running Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, you can use a single Norton Security Deluxe subscription on 5 devices without any hassle. It guarantees to shield for all your devices.

  • Easy Upgrade and Transfer: 

If you’re currently using any of the Norton products, be it Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security, you can upgrade to latest version of 2018 Norton Security Deluxe with a few clicks! Bought a new device and planning on selling the old one? No big deal! You can transfer or add your protection-subscription to new devices with ease.

  • Stay Protected against Plethora of Cyber-Threats: 

As much as the internet has made our lives easy, it also has made it risky enough too. Any device connected to an external network is prone to get hacked. We can't put enough emphasis on the safety of the confidential data on your digital devices. A malicious program or a hacker can access your device and leak your passwords, bank details, personal files or even make use of your device without your knowledge to carry out illegal activities.

The Norton Security Software offers one-stop protection against Viruses, Rootkits, Spywares, Unauthorised Downloads (hidden), Spammers and Spam Mails, Hackers, malicious websites and much more with a Money-back guarantee if it fails to do so.

  • Advanced Security Features of Norton Security Deluxe 2018:
1. Uses feedback and analysis from over 175 million users to detect and neutralize malicious threats. 2. Real-time scanning of web links for maximum security. 3. SONAR Behavioural Threat detection and App privacy intrusion/Suspicious activity alerts for caution to unreported malicious software. 4. Daily Threat Database Updates. 5. Digital Storage Threat Scans are performed before the external memories are used as soon as they’re mounted.

6. Locate lost or stolen devices via advanced GPS assisted pinpointed maps. Displays customized message so as to make arrangements for the found person to return it.

7. Get photos of the person who got your phone via Sneak-Peek straight to your mailbox, using the front cam unknowingly.

8. Remote activation of Scream Alarm can help you locate the phone if in the vicinity even if it was in Silent Mode.

9. Vulnerability protection safeguards the loopholes in the Operating Systems that could allow unauthorized access.
  • Privacy Protection Features:
1. Your inbox and mailboxes are protected 24x7 by blocking Spam, Fraudulent and Potentially Dangerous messages and emails along with attachments. 2. Smart Two-Way Firewall prevents unauthorized access to your device by analyzing the incoming traffic. 3. Websites are scanned via cloud technology for malicious activities such as phishing, spam, unauthorized downloads and many more (including latest Scams on social media) before you visit them and all the login details can be saved in Identity Safe to prevent loss or theft. 4. Remote Wipe feature lets you erase all the personal data on your stolen device while Remote Lock will lock the SIM Slot if someone tries to remove your SIM and insert another one. 5. Contacts Backup and Restore will keep an updated backup on the Cloud Server as well as local storage to prevent contact loss. 6. Call Blocker blocks all reported Spam Calls, Anonymous Calls, and Specific Calls. Every app is checked and reported for malicious behavior and extent of privacy intrusion.

What's New in Symantec Norton Security Deluxe 2018?

  • New Protection Layers developed from years of Machine Learning Analysis integrated with Research that allows predictive protection.
  • Real-time Technical Support anytime from Norton’s Tech Support Agents. No longer sticking to the FAQs if you got the Norton Security Deluxe Suite 2018!
  • Intelligent Firewall has been implemented with the help of machine learning.
  • Anti-Theft and Backup features have been revamped with a handful of extras.
What is Norton Antivirus Standard?

It is the most basic 2018 Norton security suite , with almost all the internal features of the Norton Security Deluxe, the Norton Security Standard is limited to a single device running Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, and offers neither Backup & Restore nor Online Storage Space feature.

What is Norton Security Premium?

The Norton Security Premium 2018 is the ultimate Norton Security Suite 2018 with up to 10 device protection, Backup & Restore feature along with 25 GB of secured free Online Storage that can be expanded if needed and Premium Family Protection Features.

Norton Security Deluxe 2018 Free Download:

The bottom line is, Norton Security Deluxe 2018 offers unmatched security and features across almost all digital devices for a great price. The Norton Security Deluxe 2018 trial Setup is available for Free Download at the official site. Norton offers a 30-day free trial, without any restriction for us to try and decide. Grab a trial today!

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