Microsoft Office FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Office FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Microsoft Office FAQ's ( Common Questions) : Microsoft Office Contains some better features from all Office software's till now. It is very useful in different workplaces.

Microsoft Office FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions:

Microsoft Office FAQs   1. How to Download Microsoft Office 2018 Full / Cracked Version for free? A: You Can get Microsoft office Freeware, you have to take a Ms-office Trial Edition, OR you can download Microsoft Office 2018 free ISO disk images from - This Link. 2. How many languages does Microsoft Office 2018 software supports? A: Microsoft Office 2018 is available in the languages listed below, Now all languages are available in all countries / regions. 3. How to buy Microsoft Office 2018 - 2017 for 1 yr / Online? A: Microsoft Office 365 editions have different price : Home = $99.99/Yr, Personal = $69.99/ Yr, Business = Starts from $8.25/ month, Business Premium = $12.50/month, University = $79.99/Yr. 4. What happens when my Microsoft office Free Trial ends?

A: It depends on how you signed up for the Microsoft Office 365 2018 Trial: If you signed up via the Office website, and if auto-renew is enabled on the Microsoft Account site, Your service will continue uninterrupted and your payment method will be automatically charged at the end of the Microsoft office trial, and then monthly thereafter. If you signed up by clicking an icon on your new PC, your trial ends automatically after a month; it isn't necessary to cancel it. When the trial ends, you'll be promoted to choose which version of office you want to purchase.

Also SeeMicrosoft Office FAQ's 2010 Edition. 5. How do I cancel my Office trial before it ends?

A: If you signed up for the trial via Official Microsoft website, visit the Microsoft account site and turn off auto renew. With this approach, the trial will automatically expire when your month is finished and your credit card will now be charged. if you signed up for the trial by clicking an icon on your new computer, your Office trial version ends automatically after 1 month, there is no chance to cancel it. When the trial ends, You'll be promoted to choose which version of office you want to purchase.

6. Do I keep control of my documents with an Microsoft Office 365 Home & Personal subscriptions? A: Of Course You can. 7. How do I know my Windows PC or Macintosh PC can run Microsoft Office 2017 / 2018?

A: The current version of office supports PC's running windows 7 or later and Macintosh PC running Mac OS X 10, or latest version office for Mac. For more information, including requirements for Apple and Android tables visit.

8. Is Internet access required for Microsoft Office Installation Online? A: Internet connection is required only for Microsoft office activation and updating it. Otherwise, you don't need an internet access. 9. How to buy Microsoft Office 2010 / 2017 / 2018 Online?

A. You are asked to provide credit card details to help ensure that you not experience any interrupts with your services once your trial ends. your credit card will not be billed until the end of the trial Microsoft office suite period. You can cancel any time during trial period by clicking turn Off-renew in your Microsoft Account.

10. How to create Microsoft Office Professional Account Online? 1. Create or sign in with an existing Microsoft account. 2. Provide payment information to enable future early payments. international credit cards and PayPal (in some markets) are accepted. 3. The payment method you provide will be automatically charged at the end of your first free month to ensure that you do not experience any interrupts with your service. You can cancel online without penalty before trial ends., by visiting and turning off auto-renew in the payment and billing area. 4. Once your payment method is conformed, you'll be transferred to to install office software. 11. The Microsoft Office 2018 trial gives you access to all the features of office 365 home. it includes:

A. Word, PowerPoint, Excel. One Note, and outlook, Plus publisher and access for windows 10, 7,8, 8.1 PCs. 1 TB of additional One drive cloud storage so you can save documents, photos and videos online and access them from anywhere . 60 Skype minutes to call mobile phones and landlines.

Microsoft Office FAQ's - How To?

Main Microsoft Office FAQ's:

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