Brosix Messenger - Free Instant Messenger For Businesses Reviewed

Brosix Messenger - Free Instant Messenger For Businesses Reviewed

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Brosix Messenger Review: Instant messaging apps have reduced the communication gap between people around the world. With the help of Instant messaging apps, communication has become quick and convenient. There are hundreds of messaging apps out on the market, but not many of them are suitable for business communication.

The needs of business communication and personal communication are different. Hence one cannot use personal messaging apps such as Viber, IMO and others for business purposes and that is the reason why Brosix was developed. Brosix is a messaging app for businesses. It is filled with tools that companies require to enhance their productivity.

Brosix has the features of a personal instant messaging app along with utilities such as the ability to run on a private network to provide an extra layer of security.

Brosix Messenger Download on Windows and Mac OS CLICK HERE.

Brosix Messenger

Functions that add power to Brosix Messenger:

  • Secured private chat platform
  • Brosix Messenger Software Application has the most secure system that allows users to talk privately and keep the business secrets away from the eyes of hackers.
  • Brosix gives the administrator full control over the team. The administrator can export one team from one network and import into another system. He can also manage
  • multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Flawless transfer of files
  • Unlike other instant messaging apps, Brosix allows users to send large files with just one click. Apart from sending large files, Brosix users can also take instant screenshots and share it in the group chat or private conversations without worrying about data loss or quality loss.
  • Group chat.

Yes, this feature is available too, where maximum benefits could be obtained while making multiple people active in one chat window. This feature could be used to promote your business or engage in group discussions.

New Features of Brosix Instant Free Messenger For Business:

  • Screen Sharing Feature:

Sharing your screen with business colleagues is now possible with Brosix. It is specially designed to let business people communicate with each other effortlessly.

  • Voice/video communication:

Technology has brought many wonders and Voice, and Video Communication is one of them. Brosix Messenger allows users to not only use the messaging app for texting, but users can also make use of the voice and video call feature.

  • Whiteboard feature:

As already explained above, the Brosix application is designed to extend to business users. Thus whiteboard feature is availed. Through this feature, a team member can carry on with explanations that allow the other members to understand a concept well.

  • Specialised Customer support:

Technological services come up with their pros and cons; as a result, you might get stuck up in between and finding a solution on your own becomes a bit difficult. Thus, to solve your issues, specialised tech support is enabled where experts provide answers to all your queries in just one click. Get assisted, and use the app conveniently. This support is enabled in multiple languages to let each user get the same satisfaction.

  • User-friendly interface:

Brosix messaging app has a user-friendly interface. Switching between two functions is easy. No matter what age group you belong to you will be easily able to understand the interface. It does not take specialized technical knowledge.


Brosix is not only quick but secure. You can communicate on confidential issues without the problem of it being leaked. Controlling the team with commands using this application is as easy as a click, and this means of communication enhances the productivity of the business.

Sharing the screen, controlling the display of your team members and everything else works smoothly with little technical knowledge and expertise. Download Brosix Messenger App and Give it a try, You will be astonished by the fast response and peace of mind.